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Medical Business Office

Refocus your efforts on Patient Care

and leave the rest to us!

Revenue Cycle


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Fully Integrated EMR Solutions



Facility Billing

Practice Management Support

About Medical Business Office

Medical Business Office (MBO) is a Comprehensive Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management agency with a home office located in Munster, IN.  Since its founding in 1936 we have maintained a solid growth pattern and have consistently been a pioneer on the forefront of change to provide robust yet simple solutions to the many healthcare industry challenges.  As a leader in both practice management and revenue cycle management services, we strive to provide cost effective and ethical solutions and services to the healthcare provider.

Integrate our services with your existing software solutions or replace them entirely with our innovative technology solutions.  Services may be bundled as a comprehensive turnkey end to end solution or selected a la carte to improve the financial performance of your practice.

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